‘I want to go out and play’, says Bandanna.

‘But there are humans out there. You can’t. You Shouldn’t’ says Mom.

‘But I am so cute. No human will want to hurt me. I do really want to go out and play’. Bandanna pleads on.

Sternly Mom responds, ‘ humans are strange creatures – can’t trust them – sometimes you are just too cute for them. You have to wait till its dark’.

Bandanna takes a deep little Chipmunk sigh.

‘Mom you are so fearful. I get it that I have to be careful. But must I be so fearful of humans? I want to fly off the bird stands, chase the birds away. How will I make memories if I never venture out’

The sun is shining on Chipmunk Dale. The Fall color’s are in abundance.

And we hope that Bandanna’s mom will let him go out and play.

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