Sweltering heat. Humidity. Shouts echo as the Supervisor urges everyone to hurry up. Aching shoulders.

Sweat shines on his brow.

He is lugging heavy stones. Digging. Working hard.

But the weight of his life is even harder. Is there a way out of this human mess he finds himself dealing with?

And then. When it feels that the first morning break has somehow frozen in this sweltering heat, it finally comes.

He holds the cup in his hands. Piping hot tea. He takes out two biscuits and pauses for a moment before dunking them in the tea.

Suddenly, a breeze cools his brow. He takes the first bite and drinks the first sip.

And smiles.

At this point, he, a poor laborer, working hard in this sweltering heat is no different than his Supervisors sitting in their plush air-conditioned office. They all sip the same tea.

The pleasure of the hot sip of tea belongs to everyone.

And this point in the day, he can smile.

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

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